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Konica Minolta copiers are known for their quality and durability. However, even the best machines sometimes need repairs and your business needs a reliable Konica Minolta copier repair service.

We only use genuine parts and have decades of experience in Konica repairs, service, maintenance and troubleshooting.

ABC Computer Services has brings a ton of experience to the table along with fast service anywhere in Manhattan. Contact us today!

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ABC Computer Services understands that your business depends on your Konica Minolta copier. That’s why we offer fast, reliable Konica Minolta copier repair services to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our experienced technicians are factory-trained and have the expertise to handle any Konica Minolta copier model. 

We also carry a complete inventory of genuine Konica Minolta parts, so we can usually complete repairs in a single visit.

Plus, our flat-rate pricing for Konica Minolta servicing means you’ll always know the cost of your repair upfront, with no surprises.

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Konica Minolta Copier Repair NYC

As any business owner knows, a reliable Konica Minolta copier is essential for keeping the office running smoothly. Unfortunately, copiers are also complex machines that require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. 

When a copier breaks down, it can quickly become a significant headache.

That’s where ABC Computer Services comes in. We’re a team of experienced technicians specializing in fixing Konica Minolta copiers. 

We understand these machines’ inner workings and have the skills and knowledge to get them up and running again.

Whether you need a one-time repair or ongoing maintenance, we’re here to help. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive rates and are always available to answer your questions. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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At ABC Computer Services, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We’re here to assist you if you need help with your service copier. 

Our team of highly trained technicians is available to help you with any issues you may have.

Thank you for choosing ABC Office Equipment Machines! We understand copiers can be complex machines, and we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 

Whether you need help troubleshooting a problem or have a question about your copier, we’re here to help. Contact us today with a service call and let us know how we can assist you.

5 Preventive Maintenance Tips

1. Dust is Public Enemy #1

A weekly check and cleaning of your copier will prolong its life and keep it running efficiently. Like your personal computer, copiers are sensitive to dirt and dust. 

A quick wipe-down with a dry cloth will help keep the build-up of unwanted materials at bay and your documents clean.

2. Don’t Overlook the Essentials

Check and refill paper and toner cartridges levels regularly. Paper jams are one of the most common causes of a malfunction, so it is important to be preventative in your maintenance routine.

Just as you wouldn’t wait until your Konica Minolta printer was out of ink to buy more, don’t wait until you run out of paper to restock your supply.

3. Keep it Covered

If you know you won’t be using your copier for an extended time, it’s best practice to cover it with a light dust cover. 

This will help to keep dust from settling on essential areas like lenses which can lead to picture quality issues down the road.

4. Beware of Spills

Water and electronics don’t mix! In the event of a spill, unplug your copier immediately and mop up any liquid as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. 

Be sure not to use any cleaning solutions or chemicals when cleaning up, as these can also cause problems.

5. Stay Current on Updates

As with any other computer, you are keeping your copier’s software updated with the latest security patches and features is essential to maintain optimal performance and protect against emerging threats.


Request Service or Get a Quote

Thanks for considering us for your Konica Minolta copier repair. 

We’re happy to provide a quote for the repair services you need. 

Our team of certified technicians has extensive experience repairing all types of copiers, so you can be confident that your machine is in good hands.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We understand that downtime can be costly, so we work quickly and efficiently to get your copier up and running again as soon as possible.

Call us today to schedule a repair or get a quote. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your business. 

Thanks again for considering us!


5 Benefits of having Managed Printer Repair Services

Managed print services (MPS) is an industry term for outsourcing print-related functions to a third-party provider. 

MPS providers typically offer print assessment, print management software, document workflow consulting, and device fleet optimization services. 

MPS can provide several benefits for businesses, including reduced print costs, increased efficiency, and improved security. 

1. Lower Print Costs

One of the primary benefits of MPS is that it can help businesses to lower their overall print costs. 

This is achieved through several methods, such as optimizing Konica Minolta printer fleets and deploying cost-effective Konica Minolta printers and printer cartridges. 

2. Increased Efficiency

MPS can also help businesses to increase their efficiency by streamlining their print processes. This can be done by implementing print management software to help companies track and manage their printing activity. 

3. Improved Security

Another benefit of MPS is that it can help businesses to improve their security posture. This benefit is achieved by implementing security measures such as data encryption and user authentication. 

4. Enhanced Sustainability

MPS can also help businesses to enhance their sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste and improving energy efficiency. 

5. Peace of mind

Finally, MPS can provide businesses with peace of mind by ensuring that a team of experts manages their printing needs. 

ABC Computer Services is a provider of Konica Minolta copier repair services, contact us today for a free quote!

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