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Fax machines are a necessary part of many New York businesses. However, it can be challenging to get them running again when they break down so you need a reliable fax machine repairs service. 

ABC Computer Services has been repairing and fixing office equipment for over 20 years. 

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How Can I Identify a fax Machine Issue?

  • If your fax machine isn’t working, check the power at the outlet and test the electrical cord.

  • Check to see whether the phone line is connected and operational. Check to see whether the cable is plugged into the correct fax port. If the wall jack is faulty, test it and replace it.

  • If your fax machine can send but not receive documents (or vice versa), please check the telephone line and ensure it is properly plugged in. If the problem persists, try replacing the lamp inside the fax machine.

  • If the fax is not working, take it to a service center or replace the unit.

  • To clean marks or debris off documents, open the scanner cover and wipe down the glass with a moistened cloth dipped in denatured alcohol.

  • If a plan-paper fax machine leaves stains or blank areas on papers, open the cover and wipe off any spilled toner. If the corona wires are filthy, clean them or replace the drum as instructed by the manufacturer.

Troubleshooting tips

Performing basic troubleshooting when your fax machine is not working is ideal for fixing common issues. 

Speaking of which, here are five steps to troubleshoot common fax issues.

Check the connection

Your connection may be at fault if you’re having difficulties sending faxes despite dialing the correct number. 

The problem might be related to the relationship.

Check for a dial tone if this is the case by adequately connecting the telephone line to the fax machine and ensuring it’s working. 

Remove any other gadgets from your phone before restarting it.

Another possibility is whether your phone network prevents faxing to other countries. 

If you can send local faxes but are having problems sending international faxes, try reaching out to your phone service provider.

Clean your machine

If your fax machine is dirty, it could cause a decrease in print and scan quality. 

Cleaning your machine’s ADF and corona wires can fix poor print or scan quality problems.

Make sure to turn your fax machine off before you start cleaning it. Unplug all cords and remove the power cord from the outlet.

Check the ink or toner cartridge. Do a test print.

If you’re having trouble with your fax machine and the received faxes look blotchy or smudgy, it might be because of a leaking or dripping cartridge.

To test this, print something out first. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your machine is not working correctly, carefully replace your cartridges and clean the cartridge slots.

Check the ADF of your fax machine.

If your fax machine is having issues with paper jams, it’s probably because the ADF (automatic document feeder) is broken, old, or dirty.

Try cleaning the ADF roller and see if that solves the problem. If not, you may need to replace some of its parts. 

You can check with your machine manufacturer for compatible replacement parts.

Change or update your fax machine settings.

If you’re having difficulty receiving a fax, check to see whether your machine’s receive mode options are correct. 

Issues with your fax not working might be caused by incorrect machine settings from time to time. 

You must change or update your machine’s settings to solve the problem.

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Fax Machine Repairs: How to Get Your Fax Machine Running Again For Your New York City Business

How reliable are fax machines?

Although fax machines are typically low-maintenance, it’s recommended by manufacturers to service them every so often to keep them in top condition. 

Use paper that doesn’t create a residue or film, and use suitable ink cartridges for your model.


Why is my fax not received?

There are a few reasons why your fax machine might not receive it.

First, ensure the machine is turned on and plugged into an electrical outlet.

Next, check that the phone line is securely connected to the fax machine. 

You may need to contact your service provider to troubleshoot the issue if the problem persists.

It is also possible that the receiving fax machine is busy or out of paper.

If you can still not receive faxes, please consult your user manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.



How to know if your fax machine is worth fixing?

Business owners frequently have difficulties deciding whether to replace their fax machines or repair service them when they aren’t functioning correctly. 

There are times when the parts replacement costs more than one machine.

In this situation, you should consider replacing the machine rather than repairing it. 

The most crucial aspects before deciding are the service charge and the components needed to fix the device.


Fax Machine Maintenance

Service a thermal fax machine:

  1. Remove the line cord and disconnect the unit from the wall outlet and incoming phone connection.

  2. Wipe the platen with a dampened cloth after opening the machine.

  3. Let the platen dry entirely before using.

  4. Use a tiny brush or canned air to clean out the paper trough.

  5. Wipe the exposure lens and mirrors with a lint-free cloth if they are accessible.


Fax machines should not be near heat sources like radiators or laptops.


Reliable Fax Machine Repair Service

Whether you have a home office or a large commercial operation, a fax machine is an essential piece of office equipment.

When your fax machine breaks down, you need to know that you can count on a reliable laser printer and fax machine repair service shop to get it up and running again quickly.

At ABC Computer Services, we’re experts at printer support repair service, we have the experience and expertise to fix any make or model fax machine.

We understand the importance of getting your fax machine back in service as soon as possible, so we offer same-day service in most cases.

We also provide a warranty on all our repairs, so you can be confident that your fax machine will be back in working order for a long time.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced fax machine repair service shop or printer repair service, look no further than ABC Computer Services in New York and Long Island.

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