Plotter Service Near Me In New York City


Although these terms are frequently used interchangeably, printers and plotters have different functions.

What is a Printer?

A printer is a machine that prints texts and images from a page when it is commanded to. 

External hardware processes a soft copy into a hard copy and cannot be used to draw.

What is a Plotter?

A plotter is a device that draws lines and images on a page when it is commanded to by making use of various automatic pens.

The plotter is a printer that produces different paper designs, such as construction maps, architectural plans, business charts, and engineering drawings. 

After drawing these designs, the plotter then prints them in hard copies.


Which is Better for your Business Needs?

None of these devices can be considered better because they have unique functions and peculiarities. 

However, the printer’s advantage over the plotter is that it creates output faster. 

Additionally, the plotter is more expensive than the printer. These differences make them stand out in their way.

Large-Format Printers

Although the terms ‘large-format printer’ and ”wide-format printer’ are frequently used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Wide-format printing is a large-format that refers to specific print sizes.

Large-format printing generally refers to printing on materials whose sizes and shapes are more significant than what a standard office printer can handle. 

While most office printers can only take about 14 inches of paper width, large format printers can handle materials as large as 16 feet.

These printers can produce diverse types of prints, such as blueprints, outdoor signage displays, point-of-purchase displays, backlit displays, window clings, color comps, business presentations, and lots more. 

Additionally, despite the large-scale production, they are fast and maintain high resolution and clarity.

These attributes make large format printers the ideal choice whether you are trying to attract potential customers to your business or to stand out in a crowd.

Wide Format Printers

A wide format printer is a machine that has a printing width of between 18 and 100 inches. 

These printers can print a wide range of materials, including floor displays, vehicle images/wrappings, wall-art, backdrops for theaters and media sets, posters, and many more, as long as the materials are no larger than 100 inches.

These printers are specially designed for high-performance, making them faster, stronger, and more durable than traditional office printers. 

They also produce high-quality images that are precisely detailed and convenient to use.

wide format

HP Designjet Plotters

The Designjet is HP’s line of plotter printers, and its models are perhaps one of their most impressive printer products yet. These plotters can produce high-quality prints on various paper and other materials.

Some features that make these Designjet plotters stand out include high-quality ink, speedy printing time, and mobile printing

Some of their most popular and best Designjet models include:
  • Designjet T1200

  • Designjet T3500

  • Designjet T2530

  • Designjet T930

wide format printer

Why Should I Contact a Plotter Service Near Me?

Plotters are modern machines used to produce document designs on a large scale, and like all machines, a time would come when they would need professional servicing.

If you use a plotter when running your business, chances are you need a reputable company that is experienced in plotter service.

Repair Support

It is not unusual to see plotters develop one complication or the other, and what happens if you have no idea how to fix it? This is where New York printer repair support comes in.

A plotter repair service and depot printer repair service with an experienced team will know the right things to do when your plotter develops a fault and help you fix it accurately, thus ensuring your plotter keeps performing at a high rate, regardless of age or model.

Software Support

A plotter service firm would ensure that you are covered when your plotter needs a software update. 

This update could include an operating system update, network connectivity upgrade, or plotter drivers.

Hardware Support

Plotter servicing by a professional and experienced firm would ensure that all your system parts are adequately cared for. 

When a replacement is necessary, a reputable plotter service would also ensure that you are provided with original features and not some low-quality alternative.

With the points above, we are confident that we have provided you with sufficient reason to contact the plotter service company near you today.


Copier, Printer and Plotter Repair Services

The company offers a wide range of high-end printer services to businesses and residential customers. 

We have highly skilled plotter and printer repair specialists who can help repair popular and non-popular printing systems on the market.

At ABC Computer Services, our printer repairs are efficient, with on site certified technicians and affordable. 

We sell hardware parts for printers such as rollers, slitters, drums, tins cartridges, and slits, thus ensuring that our printer repair process is quick.

Additionally, we provide fax, laser printers repair, hp copier repair and printer repair services and support. Contact our printer repairs and plotter repair experts right away for free estimates.


Maintenance Tips for Large-Format Printer

Your large-format printer will only work well and produce high-quality prints if adequately maintained.

A few printer maintenance tips that you could practice to ensure your large-format printer repair service stays in optimum shape include replacing the flushing box insert, cleaning the front and back of the print head, and cleaning the wiper in the printer maintenance station to prevent ink build-up.