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ABC Computer Services can computer repair, upgrade and fix most major brand laptops. You will love our premium and friendly New York laptop computer repair support, data backup and disaster recovery services, with all work and quotes guaranteed.

Why spend a fortune getting a new laptop when your existing one can be repaired for less? 

For example, a cracked screen might only cost a few hundred dollars instead of spending a few thousand buying a new laptop.

Did your laptop crash, and do you need your data on it? Let us diagnose it; chances are we will get your data back.

Contact us today for a free quote, and we’ll take care of the rest,

Laptop computer repair

Fixed Cracked Screens

Are you experiencing issues with your laptop screen? 

Don’t worry; ABC Computer Services can help! Cracked or blurry screens can make daily tasks more difficult, but fixing them doesn’t have to be a hassle.

ABC offers top-of-the-line screen replacements that are both easy and affordable. 

Plus, their knowledgeable technicians will ensure the job gets done right, so you don’t have to stress about further damage occurring.

Don’t let a faulty computer screen hold you back – head to ABC Computer Services today and leave feeling confident that your laptop is in good hands.

Cracked laptop

Can I repair my laptop myself?

Taking apart a laptop and repairing it yourself can be risky. 

PCs are intricate systems filled with sensitive components that may be easily damaged. 

If you aren’t familiar with a laptop’s internal workings, why risk ruining it?

Instead, trust experienced professionals from ABC Computer Services to properly diagnose the issue and computer repair it quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively. 

Don’t spend time stressing over a broken laptop; let ABC Computer Services ensure your device is in tip-top shape again!

Because we have years of experience working on all kinds of laptops, we have the know-how to get your machine back up and running without putting it through further wear and tear.

Laptop repair

What is the mail-in repair?

Mail-in repair for a laptop is an increasingly popular option for those who don’t have easy access to a physical New York computer repair shop. 

This laptop repair service allows you to send the New York computer in, and then a professional technician takes the necessary steps to diagnose and laptop repair any hardware or software issues.

The advantage of mail-in computer repairs is that it’s usually more cost-effective than other methods and can save valuable time. 

Even if you aren’t fixing anything major, mail-in laptop repairs are a great option that keeps your device functioning at its best without requiring a trip to the store or waiting too long for the technician to arrive.

It’s important to note that while mail-in laptop repair may be convenient, it also requires adequate precaution and protection of your device, which must be properly packaged before being shipped off.

Upgrade Windows

Are you worried about keeping your data safe when you upgrade your Microsoft Windows? 

We can put your mind at ease! Our team of professionals has the expertise to save your settings and data during the upgrade.

Whether you are refreshing a laptop or desktop, we ensure that none of your information is lost. 

With this upgrade in our secure facility, you can also be assured that your files are securely backed up in case unforeseen issues arise. 

So why worry? Let us take care of upgrading Windows for you!

Memory And Hard Drive Memory Upgrade

If your laptop has been feeling sluggish lately, a RAM and hard drive upgrade might be just what you need to give it the new lease on life that it needs.

Our team of qualified technicians can perform their magic and transform your laptop for an affordable upgrade cost, allowing for faster loading speeds, improved gaming performance, and extended battery life.

No matter the make or model, we believe in providing top-quality service to ensure you get the best possible experience out of your laptop. 

Upgrade today and see the difference!

Can My Data Be Transferred To A New Hard Drive

Upgrading your existing hard drive isn’t that difficult. 

When transferring data from one hard drive to another, you can communicate most of your data without any issues, including programs and files.

The process is pretty simple; a compatible SATA interface is required. Depending on the amount of data that needs to be transferred and the type of device it’s being transferred to, the time it takes to move all your data will vary; however, migrating large amounts of data shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so.

During the transfer process, you may also need to enter your Windows license code as often as necessary; this process should be quickly done. 

It’s essential also to understand that following these steps will help protect all your information when upgrading your hard drive or moving it to a new computer system.


Certain Keys On My Keyboard Stopped Working

Replacing a broken laptop keyboard can be a great way to save money and time instead of investing in a brand-new laptop. If your laptop keyboard is broken, look no further for help.

We have the necessary expertise and tools to quickly and effectively replace the keyboard, allowing your device to perform as if nothing ever happened. Our replacement keyboards are also reliable and long-lasting, so you can rest assured that your device will work perfectly again in no time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money and time – we are the perfect solution for repairing a broken keyboard!

My Computer Is Super Slow

Getting a fast New York computer doesn’t have to coincide with buying a new laptop or desktop. There are many effective ways to speed up your Windows device and make it run faster.

The first suggestion would be to reduce the number of background applications running when you boot up the system, which can almost halve the startup time.

Second, clean out your hard drive by deleting temporary files, old downloads, and other unnecessary clutter – this will help the programs access data more quickly.

Third, you should consider disabling any visual effects that aren’t being used, as they can slow down your PC.

Fourth, use disk cleanup and disk defragmenter to manage how large files are stored on your drive for better efficiency.

Finally, install an antivirus software program to keep all viruses at bay; these can damage the speed of your computer, leading it to slow down without warning. 

Taking simple steps like these will mean that your computer is working faster than ever in no time!
Slow computer

Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions

Do you need to recover crucial data because of a hard drive crash? 

Look no further than ABC’s Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions. 

ABC is here to save the day with a wide range of recovery services that can get your valuable information back.

Whether for personal use or business, their reliable solutions can tackle any issue and restore your data in safe working order.

With their expertise and experience, they are sure to provide the best result and make sure you have access to all your essential data again right away. 

Don’t miss out on ABC’s HardDrive Data Recovery Solutions.


Specialty Repair Services For Video Production Computers

Specialty laptop repair and data recovery services for video production computers can help you avoid spending a lot of money on new equipment but still get the same results. 

When it comes time to repair a computer used for video production work, it is essential to find experienced technicians specializing in this challenging and often expensive desktop repair.

They understand the complexities of this type of system and can provide the best possible service. 

A reliable service also draws upon years of experience in how video production computers interact, giving them an edge over other general computer repair shops and managed services.

No matter what issue you may have with your computer, rest assured knowing specialty laptop repair support and services for video production computers will help get your system working again quickly and efficiently.

Video production

Servers Can Be Repaired Too

Staying on top of network maintenance and hardware computer repairs is essential in keeping productivity up, but these services are too often expensive and slow. 

With the right service provider, however, businesses can find server laptop repair and data backup services that are affordable and responsive.

These providers understand that time is money and prioritize fixing problems quickly and efficiently while still providing quality service at a price their customers can afford.

By leaving server maintenance to professionals, businesses don’t have to worry about downtime or other potential issues;

they can trust that their repair service provider will handle anything that comes up with confidence. 

Finding an affordable yet responsive server repair service makes it much easier for business owners to sleep soundly, knowing their servers are in good hands.


External USB Drives Repair And Recovery Services

For those desperate times when you can’t access the data on your external hard drive, computer repair services that offer data recovery might be just what you need. 

ABC Computer Services specializes in resolving software issues, so your hard drive is up and running again in no time. We offer services in Brooklyn for businesses too.

They’ll connect it to their specialized equipment and then use disk imaging techniques to safely copy all the data off the hard drive. 

From there, any damaged sectors of the disk can be repaired or replaced – meaning you’ll have access to your files again without losing any information.

Look around for a reputable computer repair service that can provide this vital service, and rest easy knowing your treasured items are safe and secure.

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