How to print configuration page for hp printers

How to print configuration page for HP printers

Are you looking for a way to print a configuration page for your HP printer? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Printing HP configuration pages is a great way to troubleshoot any problem with your HP printer. If the configuration page has been lost, it can easily be regenerated!

This blog post will show you how to do just that. We’ll also provide some troubleshooting tips if you run into any issues. So if you’re ready to get started, read on!

What’s a printer Configuration page?

A configuration page can be an excellent asset for quickly troubleshooting printer issues.

Providing detailed information on current settings, optional accessories installed, and other helpful information makes diagnosing problems much easier and less time-consuming.

For example, if users have trouble printing in specific formats, they can easily see if they have the settings configured properly by referring to their printer’s configuration page.

It ultimately saves time and frustration when attempting to get a printer running properly and efficiently.

To print one out, turn on your printer and wait for the noise of the startup process to finish.

Then, locate the paper feed button, and hold it down for around five seconds.

This will initiate a configuration page listing details about your printer, such as its connection configuration and memory levels.

Be sure to review this configuration page before printing just in case any unexpected changes might lead to future issues!

Log into the HP website and enter your printer model number in the search bar.

Logging into the HP website is easy to get printer troubleshooting assistance.

You must enter your printer model number in the search bar and be directed to relevant printer resources like a printer control panel.

This printer control panel provides valuable information on downloads, driver updates, or warranties.

It also helps you discover common issues typically experienced with specific printer models and offers potential solutions. 

With this technology, printer problems no longer have to feel taxing!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at ABC Computer Services New York. 

We’re always happy to help and will provide helpful advice as needed!

How to print a Configuration Page

Your printer model determines which configuration page it prints when you request a report; in addition to the Configuration Page, there will be an Embedded HP Jetdirect page and a Wireless HP Jetdirect page if that option is enabled. 

You can use one of these methods to print the related configuration page:

Use the printer control panel to print the configuration pages

Depending on the type of printer control panel you’re using, follow these steps to print your print configuration page.

  • Touchscreen control panel

Activate the printer by pressing the Power button.

Load paper (Plain, A4, or letter size) in Tray 2.

To access Reports from the Home screen on your printer control panel, swipe right and touch it.

Select Configuration/Status Pages from the Reports menu to access all necessary information.

Navigate to the Configuration Page, and press the Print button to print out a copy of your configurations.

  • LCD control panel

To power on the printer, press the Power button.

Load paper (Plain, A4, or Letter size) in Tray 2.

To begin, press the home button on your control panel.

To access the Reports, press the right arrow button to navigate and select Reports before pressing OK.

To proceed, click the Configuration/Status Pages option, followed by the OK button.

Utilize the arrow keys to choose the Configuration Page, then press the OK button for confirmation.

Utilize the arrow keys to choose the Print button, and then press OK to print out your Configuration page.

Use the HP Embedded Web Server (HP EWS) to print the configuration pages

1. Obtain the IP address on the printer control panel.

  • Touch screen control panel:

Touch the Information icon from the printer control panel’s Home screen.

Touch the Network icon to view the IP address or hostname.

  • LCD control panel:

To start, press the Home button on your printer’s control panel.

Utilize the arrow keys to choose Settings, and then press the OK button for confirmation.

To proceed, select Networking and click the OK button.

Choose Ethernet, and click the OK button to confirm your selection.

Choose TCP/IP, then press the OK button to confirm your selection.

Utilizing the arrow keys, navigate IPv4 Settings and press ‘OK.’

Use the arrow keys to choose either Primary or Secondary DNS, and press OK once you’re finished.

2. Open your Web browser and carefully type the IP address or hostname as displayed on its control panel into the address line. Press Enter to launch the EWS.

3. Select Printable Reports and Pages in the left navigation pane on the Information tab.

4. To print the Configuration pages, select ‘Configuration Page’ and then click on the ‘Print’ button.

Embedded web server HP Jetdirect

The Embedded HP Jetdirect page is a powerful tool for troubleshooting the HP Jetdirect print embedded web server, which provides detailed information about the printer configuration and the status of supported network protocols.

This one-page document lets users quickly obtain contact details, IP addresses, and other identifying information, such as the HP Jetdirect model and firmware version.

This page automatically prints after the Configuration Page, making it extremely simple to obtain critical hardware and software information necessary for proper maintenance and troubleshooting.

It is no surprise that the Embedded HP Jetdirect page has become an invaluable asset in managing and sustaining network-enabled printing systems.

Description of the various sections in the Embedded HP Jetdirect page

General Information: HP Jetdirect print servers are indicated here, showing the current product status.

Security Settings: 

This system will ensure that all configurations are secure and up to date while providing the highest quality access security parameters.

Network Statistics: 

HP Jetdirect allows you to access up-to-date values for several different network parameters to ensure your print server is running properly.


Obtain the most recent information and parameter values for your TCP/IP network protocols with this tool.

IPv4 and IPv6: Internet Protocol versions (v4 and v6) supported by the printer.

Wireless HP Jetdirect

Once a wireless connection is established to your network or Wi-Fi is enabled, most settings on the Embedded HP Jetdirect page will be visible on the Wireless HP Jetdirect page.

Additionally, this second page displays various components not present in the first.


The Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the network to which the print server has established a connection is identified.

Data Rate Detected: The network data rate depends on the type of connection, whether wired or wireless.


The HP Jetdirect printer server will recognize and configure the radio frequency channel for efficient communication across your network.

Link Config: 

This setting determines the type of connection used for a wired or wireless port (e.g., 802.11 is the standard communication mode for Wi-Fi).


Other Methods to print a configuration page

No matter the printer model, a configuration page and embedded HPJetdirect configuration pages are printed for free when printing with Jetdirect wireless printers. 

You can print these pages through one or several different methods.

First, you can print the configuration page using HP Printer Utility software. 

This method works for HP’s LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet printers.

You can also access and print these pages with a web browser. 

All you need is the IP address or hostname.

To get this information, press and hold down the report button on the printer control panel display. 

When prompted, enter the access code corresponding to your printer model.

Once logged in, you’ll be able to view and print all configuration pages available for your device.

The number of pages printed will depend on the type of printer and firmware version installed.

If these methods don’t work, you can always contact HP product support for more help and advice. 

They’ll be able to provide the steps needed to print a configuration page for your particular printer model.

Please get in touch with us at ABC Computer Services New York if you have any inquiries or require additional help.

We are delighted to aid you and will be more than willing to offer useful assistance if required!

  • Overview of the configuration pages

The configuration page will print a range of important information about your printer. 

Depending on the type and firmware version of your device, these can include:

  • Printer name and serial number

  • Current settings such as paper size, resolution, and other preferences

  • Network information such as IP address, port number, and gateway

  • The current count of printed pages

  • Total page count since the last factory reset

  • Firmware version information

  • The current state of all print cartridges and drums

HP printers

Printing a Print Quality Diagnostic page

Is your printer acting up and giving you low-quality prints? 

If so, the first step towards solving your issue is to print a Print Quality Diagnostic Page.

This page serves as a diagnostic tool to identify the source of the issue, enabling you to troubleshoot or seek further assistance with confidence in quickly pinning down the problem.

As this diagnostic page is printer-specific, grab the correct version for your model printer.

If you’re unfamiliar with printing such a page, there are easy-to-follow instructions that come along with it.

Let the Print Quality Diagnostic Page help you arrive at an accurate assessment and solution, whether it’s a physical adjustment or some other technical issue.


To locate the HP folder on your Windows computer, navigate to Programs within installed software applications and search for it.

Open the printer folder and select your desired printer. When you do, HP Printer Assistant software should open up automatically.

To move forward with the next step, ensure your printer is kept up-to-date using ClickPrint & Scan on Windows computers.

Upon opening your computer, you’ll instantly recognize the HP Toolbox displayed on your screen.

Moving right along, let’s proceed to the subsequent step! 

Click Device Services followed by Print Quality Diagnostics Page to generate your own Print Quality diagnostic page.


If you’re using a Mac computer and an accompanying printer compatible with the OS, you can use the Print Quality Diagnostic Page to identify any issues in your printing. It’s easy to access and print; all it takes is one click! 

This helpful tool gives you greater visibility into potential problems before they become too difficult (or costly) to fix.

Spot the Finder icon in your dock; if you don’t see it immediately, hunt for it until you locate it.

Navigate to the installation drive to verify which driver is hosting the HP software. If it’s on Macintosh HD, click on that drive to proceed.

To access the HP application, click on the Application file and move your cursor to its corresponding window.

Double-click the HP Utility icon to launch the HP Utility window.

To print the Print Quality Diagnostics Page, select ‘Print Quality Diagnostics Page’ from your list of options and click to generate a diagnostic report.



How do I print a configuration sheet?

Printing a configuration sheet is simple and can be done in several ways.

The most straightforward way is to press the report button on the printer IP address control panel and enter the access code corresponding to your particular printer model.

Doing this will allow you to view and print all of the available configuration pages for your device.

If your printer does not have a report button, you can also access and print these pages with a web browser by entering the printer IP address or hostname.

Finally, contact HP product support if none of these methods work for you.

They will be able to provide the steps needed to print a configuration page for your particular printer model.

  • Check the network settings for various HP printers

HP printer users should routinely check their network settings to ensure optimal performance and easy access.

It is essential to verify the printer’s IP address so that you can direct communication between your printer and other connected devices.

Regularly checking these settings will help guarantee quality and consistency in your printer’s output while ensuring you do not encounter any technical difficulties when using the printer.

If any changes have been made in the network environment, you will need to apply those changes to the printer configuration for everything to function correctly.

Having up-to-date network settings for HP printers is essential for reliable printing experiences.

We can help you fix your HP printer

HP printers are some of the best around. However, even the most reliable technology can occasionally have issues.

If the print configuration appears to be off or your printer won’t print quality documents, you don’t have to worry about spending time and money trying to fix it yourself.

ABC Computer Services is here to help you tackle any problems you may be experiencing with your HP printer.

We specialize in printer repairs and maintenance, and our team has plenty of experience resolving many HP printing difficulties.

So if you’ve already tried everything and are still having trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We look forward to helping you get back on track on how to print configuration page for HP printers!