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ABC Computer Services offer quality copier repair and printer repair services in New York City to anyone who needs professional and affordable services for their copier in New York, NY. 

We repair most multifunction copiers, no matter the brand. We offer an extensive list of technicians to help fix your copier or printer. 

ABC Computer services also provide repairs for fax equipment, printer parts such as a fuser, roller, maintenance kits, drum/toner cartridges, and plotters so that repairs can take place quickly. 

ABC Computer Services has an excellent track record for fast and efficient repairs. 

The copier and printer repair services are intended for all New York customers. When the machine needs to be working, we will take the following steps to correct it. 

– Check and clean the printhead.

– Verify that the printer is connected to the PC and that the power cord is plugged into an outlet.

– Clean the paper feed rollers.

– Replace the ink cartridges or toner as needed.

– Run a test print to verify that the issue was resolved.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call – and get in touch to get a free quote to repair the damage and have our certified technicians work at home.

Reliable And Responsive Onsite Repair In New York

Get your copier machines repaired quickly and economically by a certified copier technician in New York, NYC, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Other brands are included, like our pro-Samsung copier repair service.

It can be a significant inconvenience when your photocopier or printer breaks down. It would be best if you had it fixed quickly. But ABC Computer Services might be your best choice if you don’t want to overspend and want quality results!

Even if you have an HP DesignJet or a fleet of laser printers, we can repair it with no problem. You can also get one cost-effective maintenance contract with quality service and affordable prices.

In addition to copiers, we also offer onsite laser printer repair services for your business. We provide high-quality, onsite repair in New York for a fraction of the cost of the other guys. Call us for any repair service in New York.

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How Can You Fix Copier Streaks

Once in a while, annoying streaks and lines can appear on copies or prints. 

Sometimes this is caused by dirty rollers in the machine that needs to be accessed by a trained professional who will clean them off for you with care so as not to damage any other equipment inside your office complex printing facility!

In some cases, though, it may come down to user error- if all else fails, try running blank pages through without making marks first before looking at what happens when they’re used next time.

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My Copier Says I’m Out Of Paper

This is another problem that can be frustrating.

The machine will tell you to load paper even though there’s been some mistake loading your trays.

Usually, an image is too large for the size of available media, or documents do not match what was expected by either side because they are different sizes!

To fix this issue, go into the copy screen and select a source from which all incompatible types have been removed.

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How To Clear A Paper Jam?

When you get a paper jam, follow all prompts on the screen, including opening and closing your printer’s access doors.

If nothing clears up an issue with printing or scanning- don’t give up!

You may need to clear out any pending jobs before sending them back for resending; be sure that when doing so, if there is anything else in between pages, like margin notes, those will also get lost during this process (so make double-sure).

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Only use quality Toner and paper

Every copier’s owners manual lists the types of toner the machine is compatible with. If you don’t use the right toner for your copier machine, you might cause severe damages that will require a costly repair. 

You may even void your warranty. Check with your service provider and ensure that everyone in your office uses the right product for the right job.

We also don’t recommend buying toner or supplies from cut-rate suppliers because you might get scammed. This is called being a “Toner Pirate.” Also, don’t skimp on copier paper. 

Cheap paper can lead to excess dust buildup inside the machine, which will cause the images to be blurry.

If you use and maintain your copier correctly, it will last longer. This is good for everyone in the office because less time will be spent repairing the copier.

If you frequently have to deal with copier issues, you can ask for help from a company that provides office equipment repair and copier maintenance services like ABC Computer Services.

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