Securely And Easily Work From Anywhere

Cut The Cord To Your Office And Cut The Overhead.

Work From Anywhere

Virtually And Easily

If you want to become nimble and cut the large overhead you need a reliable, cost effective solution to allow your staff to work from anywhere. By anywhere that not only means from their home but perhaps a different time zone, a coffee shop or a satellite office. We define work as you have the ability to fully collaborate and communicate with not only your peers but your clients as well.

Not only does your team need to work remotely easily and efficiently you need to make sure whatever endpoint they are connecting from is secure. If you have staff using their own home computers for example that could be a potential security risk when they access your systems or handle your confidential data.

When you partner with us we offer some cost effective robust work from anywhere solutions. The actual work part is only half the equation, the other half is security and controlling the flow of your confidential data. 

Printer Computer Services
Printer Computer Services

Microsoft 365

Premium Is Perfect

Yes there are other “cloud” solutions out there like virtual desktops for example but they still limit your functionality and take a bit getting used to. With a full Microsoft 365 solution you can work from your local PC with ease and still be afforded all the security bells and whistles

With Microsoft 365 Premium You Can…

Stop the hassle of remoting into your office computer to actually work and dealing with slow connections.

  • Microsoft Teams allow you to easily video conference with your staff and clients so you don’t need an office phone anymore
  • Advanced Threat Protection blocks threats like those emails asking you to wire money into another account
  • The 365 Premium edition will stop 3rd parties from other countries attempting to sign in to your 365 accounts
  • A Microsoft Data Loss Prevention license will prevent your staff from copying your private documents to their personally-owned computers
  • And of course, a lot more features to break your chain to your office and work reliably and securely from anywhere

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