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Reliable Computer Repair Expertise When You Need It

ABC Computer Services is a New York computer repair shop that has been serving NYC for over 20 years. 

We specialize in data recovery, computer repair shops, virus removal, and many other New York computer repair support services.

Our team of experienced technicians are experts in their field and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your computer is running at its peak performance. 

We’re here to help you get the most out of your technology, from data recovery to upgrades and installation.

ABC Computer Services Is A Premier NYC Repair Service

ABC Computer Services has earned a reputation as NYC’s go-to computer and electronics computer repair service. 

With two decades of experience and an unbeatable track record, customers can trust that no job is too complicated for our team of certified technicians.

Our mission is to provide fast, reliable repairs with a commitment to always putting the customer first. 

Whether you need a quick laptop or computer repair or a complete system upgrade, ABC Computer Services is guaranteed to complete the job on time so you can focus on more important things.

Is it worth getting a computer fixed?

Whether or not it’s worth getting a computer fixed depends mainly on the following:
  1. How old is the computer
  2. What kind of issue it has
  3. How much money would you have to spend to fix it

Generally speaking, a repair is usually the best option for newer computers with hardware problems like faulty hard drives or RAM failures since the cost of parts and labor may be less than purchasing a brand-new machine.

On the other hand, if your computer is several years old and has significant software issues like corruption from virus infections or incompatibility with newer operating systems, replacing the unit with a more modern new computer may be the better choice in terms of time and cost.

Ultimately, you can only decide whether a repair makes sense for your situation.


What are some computer services?

Customers can often get help with their computers ranging from basic troubleshooting to more complex technical support.

Software installation

Our company provides installation services for any software our clients require. 

We ensure that each installation is done correctly, quickly, and safely to minimize hassle for our customers and maximize their satisfaction.

Hardware configuration

This process involves identifying and setting up the components of an individualized computer system. 

We customize each configuration to the specific needs of our clients, determining the right balance between performance and cost efficiency. 

Virus protection

Our team of tech professionals knows how to assess the virus defense needs of both business and residential infrastructure. 

It can create customized strategies to ensure all customers’ computer network services are safe. 

Data backups

With us, you don’t have to worry about losing valuable resources or the time it would take to recreate them because your data will always be backed up and accessible when needed.

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How long does it take for ABC Computer Services to repair a laptop?

ABC Computer Services offers lightning-fast service when it comes to repairing your laptop. 

Our experienced technicians will diagnose and fix any issues quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to work or school with minimal interruption.

Although every situation is different, most customers have their laptops repaired within 24 hours! 

By focusing on quality service, ABC ensures the job is done right, from virus removal and system tune-ups to complete hardware replacements, all while providing our repairs at an affordable price.

Can a damaged hard drive be repaired?

A damaged hard drive can be a severe problem for consumers and businesses and you might need New York hard drive repair services.

Although plenty of instructional guides are available online on how to fix a physical failure or corrupted hard drive, it is not always safe nor recommended to try and repair it yourself, as even small mistakes can cause irreparable damage.

We specialize in recovering data from damaged hard drives

In many cases, the best solution is to have a trained professional attempt to repair the drive, mainly if it contains essential data that needs to be recovered.

We specialize in repairing and retrieving data from damaged hard drives, which, although more expensive than attempting repairs alone, let us take care of things for you instead. 

Contact us today and see how easy we make restoring your hard drive.

How much does it cost to repair a hard drive?

Repairing a hard drive typically requires expertise, time, and money. 

Depending on the severity of the damage, recovering a hard drive can cost anywhere from $99 to $2000.

Take your device to Qualified Technicians

For example, if the problem is due to normal wear and tear, it may require an inexpensive repair, such as replacing the faulty cable or power supply. 

If the drive has been corrupted due to an operating system crash or virus attack, you may need professional data recovery services at a much higher cost.

To ensure that you get the most cost effective solution, you must take your device to a reputable repair shop with qualified technicians who have experience dealing with hard drives.


Computer Diagnostics, Testing & Troubleshooting

You want guaranteed and reliable assistance from experienced professionals regarding computer repairs. That’s why computer diagnostics and testing with us is the best option for computer repairs. 

We are knowledgeable about computer hardware and software systems, so our team of computer technicians will take care of any computer-related issues quickly and easily.

Get your machine working again quickly

Moreover, when computer problems arise, we won’t keep you waiting; our diagnostics test results are provided fast, allowing us to resolve any computer issues you have swiftly.

And, when it comes time to troubleshoot more severe computer issues, our team has the accurate diagnosis tools and certified knowledge to get your machine working again quickly and efficiently.

Data Recovery To Get All Of Your Files Back

This is invaluable when you must get back all your important files and information. 

A data recovery service can retrieve it, whether it’s photos, documents, emails, financials, or more. 

Not only that, but the process is fast and secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your data in the process.

Recover Lost Data Quickly

Even if you’ve experienced ransomware or hard drive failure, a professional data recovery company will work diligently to restore your access to everything you need without compromising security.

Consider a reliable data recovery service today if you’re facing a computer disaster and need to recover lost data quickly and safely.

You can also get quality logic board repairs as well.

Desktop computers And laptop computers Repair And Upgrades

When desktop computers need repairs or upgrades, it can be an intimidating process. 

A desktop repair technician is specially trained to diagnose and solve desktop-related problems and provide hardware and software upgrades for desktop PCs and laptops.

The desktop repair technician’s knowledge, experience, and resources allow them to guarantee efficient desktop repairs, whether the issue is caused by hardware components or corrupted software. 

In addition, we can assist with setting up a desktop for home or office use.

Affordable SSD Hard drive Upgrade To Speed Up Your PC

Installing an SSD hard drive can be a great way to get your computer running faster than ever. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to boost an aging machine. 

With prices dropping steadily, switching out your old hardware for cheaper, more advanced alternatives is now more affordable than ever.

An SSD hard drive upgrade could drastically reduce boot times and improve the overall speed of your system. Plus, with no moving parts, it is far less prone to failure and should last many years. 


Laptop computer repair

Where can I get my hard drive fixed in NYC?

If you need hard drive repair in New York City, our expert technicians can help. 

Whether the issue is due to software or hardware, our technicians work quickly and reliably to get your hard drives functioning again with minimal downtime.

We understand that having access to your data is essential to running a successful business, so we strive to provide fast and accurate repair services as soon as possible. 

Our expertise in data recovery makes us the ideal choice for hard drive repairs in NYC and even printer repair services.

More PC Memory Means Getting More Work Done

PC memory affects the speed of running software and applications, so having more allows you to get more work done quickly.

Whether you are a graphics designer needing more space for editing images or a web developer creating complex website structures, increasing your RAM can give you that extra boost in productivity.

Not only will having access to more memory let you finish your projects faster, but best of all, it will eliminate any waiting or lag time when working with more extensive or multiple files.

New York

Affordable NYC Computer Repair Services

Look no further if you’re in the New York City Area and looking for reliable and affordable computer repair services. 

We offer excellent maintenance packages tailored to your needs and same-day repair services for those emergency repairs. 

Our comprehensive computer repair services include:
  • Data backup

  • Antivirus installation

  • Virus removal

  • Hardware repairs

  • PC tune-ups

If you need affordable and reliable New York computer services get a free quote today!