Canon Large Format and Plotter Repair

Pro Canon Large Format and Plotter Repair

Canon large format and plotter repairis an essential service for businesses that rely on the reliable operation of their large format printer or plotter. 

Canon’s wide range of large format printers and plotters provide a high-quality printing service for businesses in the graphics, engineering, and architectural industries.

However, when these large format printers and plotters experience problems, it can disrupt their business operations. 

Fortunately, ABC Computer Services has a range of professional repair services available to ensure that any large-format printer or plotter issues can be quickly and efficiently rectified.

Affordable Maintenance and Repair Service for Wide Format Printers, Plotters, and Scanners

Large-format imaging is essential to many businesses, so ensuring everything is running as it should be our top priority. 

At our company, we know how valuable large-format printing can be in any office or workplace.

That’s why we provide quality, affordable maintenance and repair services for wide-format printers, Canon copier repair, and scanners. With competitive rates and excellent quality of service, you can count on us to keep your large-format systems running well and at an optimal level.

How much does it cost to repair a Canon printer?

The repair cost depends on the printer type and the issue that needs to be addressed. It will cost an average of $50–200 to bring the unit back to life, including parts and labor. 

Printer repair technicians usually demand up to $40-100 per hour for work, and most repairs take 1-2 hours. Generally speaking, if repairs exceed half the price of a new printer, it is not worth investing in these services.

Canon Large Format and Plotter Repair

Is it worth getting a printer repaired?

Printer repairs can be expensive, and it’s essential to know whether it is worth getting your printer fixed. Generally speaking, if the repair cost is more than half the price of a new printer, it’s not worth repairing.

It may be better to buy a new model instead of paying for costly repairs. However, if the repair cost remains lower than purchasing a new one, then you can undoubtedly opt for repairs to save some money. You may also visit our quick guide and tips to see if you can fix some common problems.

Always read up on reviews and research the market carefully before making any decision.

Preventative Maintenance on Wide Format Printers

This maintenance on large format printing is an essential practice for any business. Without it, printers may experience serious issues, leading to costly repairs and interruptions in production.

Performing preventative maintenance regularly helps ensure that the printer will run at peak efficiency, decreasing downtime and producing higher-quality prints. 

Preventive care also extends the copier machine’s life, improving its overall value for your company.


Authorized Plotter Service

Our Service Team is expertly trained and certified in HP, Canon, Epson, and Xerox wide format printers. We guarantee that our technicians uphold the industry standards of each manufacturer to give you top-notch performance from your printing hardware.

We’ll ensure everything runs efficiently, so you get the best possible output! You can trust us for printer maintenance services and repairs when needed.

Our manufacturer-certified professionals are experts at the warranty and non-warranty repairs and upkeep of your printers. 

We guarantee that the job will be done quickly, accurately, and precisely!

Support and Maintenance

Your Canon Large Format Printer is a valuable asset to your business, and Comprehensive Cover can guarantee that it maintains its maximum output capabilities while reducing downtime if you are an NYC business that owns a fleet of copiers, we offer fixed managed support contracts.

Our knowledgeable engineers are strategically located and have been thoroughly trained in providing exceptional customer service and ongoing technical support for all our clients.

Copier Contract

Contract Opportunities

We understand the need for assurance at ABC Computer Services, so we provide service agreements, maintenance contracts, and extended warranties to our customers.

These terms can be tailored to your business so that you will get maximum parts and labor coverage at a reasonable duration. 

Let us help you create the perfect plan according to your needs by contacting us today!

Certified Technicians to keep your Business Running 

Businesses rely on their copying and printing systems to operate efficiently. Expert-certified professional technicians are critical to keeping your machines running at peak performance.

We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate problems, keep your Canon machine, printer, and plotter well-maintained, and can identify potential issues before they become costly to repair jobs.

  • On-Site Repairs

  • Off-Site Repairs

  • Installations

  • Service Options

  • Maintenance Contracts

Staying ahead of the curve by having certified technicians regularly inspect your printer and plotters will ensure you are always prepared for whatever the business environment throws.

ABC Computer Services is your go-to resource for Canon large format and plotter repair services in New York City. Contact us today!

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