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Server Administration

ABC Computer Services

Server Administration is a major necessity for big and small bussinesses. As an all around company we not only service private and home but we also service bussinesses in all matters. Bussinesses require servers for everyday operation, as we outrselves know because we are a bussiness. So we made it our goal to make sure our technicians are not only readily equipped to fix your PC and MAC but also service your servers. We service a variety of servers, such as Acer, Apple, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, HP and much more.  

Server Services:
 Active Directory
 User Management
 User Policies 
 DNS Services
 FTP Services
 Web Services
 New Server Setup & Installation

We also service any hardware issues that are appearing on your machine. So our services are not limited to software setup/troubleshooting. Our hardware services are listed below but are not limited to those.

We service faulty:
CD/DVD Drives
Processor and Video Card Fans
Hard Drives
IDE/Sata Cables
Network & Modem Cables
Power Supplies
CPU (Processors) AMD & Intel Based chips
Ram Chips
Sound and Video Cards

Our services are not limited to those stated above. ABC Computer Services wants to aid our customers in anyway possible. So no matter what the issue is that you are having, give us a call and we'll give you the scoop on any knowledge we have or what we can do towards your problem. Give you a full diagnostics on the issue we are presented with.  

When you need your Servers fixed fast same day we’re just a call away. Our computer repair technicians are highly trained and motivated to perform all repairs and services fast and accurately. Count on ABC to get your Server repaired and running no matter what the problem might be. We will relieve the frustration of installations and help you optimize the configuration of your Servers components.

Have any questions?

Give us a call and one our superb techs will consult you on any Server issue's you may have or any questions you may want to ask regarding the latest technology or Server software/products.