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If you are residing in ‘The Big Burg’ and looking out for the most excellent Network Administration NY, you clearly need to contact ABC Computer Services. We are the big shots in the computer servicing industry with over 40 years of handful experience. We service products from companies such as Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Verizon, Dell, and many more.

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Everybody knows what a network administration work comprises of, for some of you who don’t know what it is, kindly read through this content. A network administrator is a person who is accountable to all the computer related works and issues. This person has to look after computer hardware and software that encompass a system network. Today, any corporate organization or firm runs completely on network system which actually simplifies certain mainframe usages when it comes to larger number of people working a huge building.

 Is your office Firewall and Router not operating properly? Most often, your office may not operate as well. But we don’t let you down at any time. We understand the importance of your work and we make sure that your office operates on time by restoring all the equipments. The services offered is fast and courteous with friendly and knowledgeable technicians who can solve your problems efficiently. We absolutely pride ourselves in the quality of service that we provide. When there is any kind of problem with your network and internet connectivity, we are here to bestow Lan/Wan Support. Internet connectivity loss could be due to human error or due electric circuit accidents, whatever it may be; ABC computer services are all time ready to fix these issues in no time. We support with complete Cat5 Cat6 wiring when it is necessary.

We have a swift squad that is specially designated to take care of all your network design , implementation , and cabling in a most effective way. Be it any sized business infrastructure or organization, the bestowed network designs are at most economical rates. Such efficient and tacked networks help in increasing the workers as well as the company’s production level.

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 Give us a call and one our superb techs will consult you on any networking issue's you may have or any questions you may want to ask regarding the latest technology or network products.